See what people are saying about Carmen’s music…

“Every time you write a new song, a different layer of talent comes to the surface. You stayed true, it paid off.” -David Lovett

“Just listened to your album Moments of Mercy. What a beautifully emotive piece of work.” -Sarah R.

“Your song is fucking beautiful and makes me wish real hard I could sing. You should be feeling very proud of yourself and all embodied and shit.” – Crosby Noricks

“The tears started rolling down my cheeks within moments. Your music is SO powerful Carmen. The sadness was overwhelming. Your voice has such clarity. I like your crescendos. The piano is beautiful in a somewhat eerie way. You are in command.” -Ellen Blythe

“Incredible creativity on these wonderful songs! So very well written and performed! Superb vocal performance! Just a great listen!” -Steve Morin

“Your voice in haunting…very beautiful…lovely lyrics.” -Alison Marae

“Carmen!!!!!!! The album is gorgeous!” -Layne Sterling, The Assumptions

“Beautiful music, Carmen. Your voice, your writing, your emotion… it’s all great! From another songster.” -Ben Aaron

“You should be on the national charts…you’re wonderful.” -Ken Lehnig

“Hauntingly beautiful, Carmen, as I’ve come to expect from you. I love the way you jump octaves, it’s amazing! Great work! Love love love.” -Ellen Rundle

“The more I listen to your lyrics on ‘Beautiful View,’ the more it speaks to me. Every time I hear your song, I will remember the time I turned my life around.” -Michelle Morgan

“I received your CD’s today & am LOVING!!! Never, ever doubt your talent. Very impressed with your piano playing! Being self taught just shows me (and others) how incredibly talented you really are!!” -Rebecca Callahan Ridgick

“Your music is very creative and obscure. It has a very poetic, almost spoken-word kind of motif to it.” -Matt

“Thank you for your music. It is so pertinent to me.” -Ruth Jacobs

“Really like your music Carmen. Love the dynamics of your songs and you’ve got a cracking voice!” -Jo Clark, The Moth Lantern

“Creative compelling compositions and outstanding performances!” -Kerry Leigh

“Amazing work, wonderful art.” -Ely & Bruno

“Had a listen to ‘Big Lie’ and really enjoyed the song, fine arrangement, melody, fab voice, lyrics and terrific style. Good stuff.” -Dean Jablonski

“Cool writing, voice and production!” -BadgerStatic

“‘Healing the Hive.’  Wow Carmen.  Love love this.” -Patricia

“Love your music & voice Carmen.” -The Time Bomb

“Carmen’s vocal stylings, heartfelt lyrics, and powerful performances make her one of San Diego’s favorite artists.” -Ken Lehnig & Dave Dodds

“So beautiful and wistful!!!” -Nancy Cleary

“This album goes from raw passion to whispered tenderness and everywhere in between. Always honest, but always with common human themes that we have all known and been through, I recommend Carmen to anyone who likes Tori Amos or Kate Bush or similar artists. Rule-breaking, dynamic and disarmingly heart-on -the-sleeve lyrics show the promise of more to come on the shared journey of her life.” -Listener review

“The Hive is a display of Carmen’s lyrical skills and innate ability to create intriguing piano riffs. Carmen’s songs resonate with the pure emotion of the human experience we all share. Her voice sways across a powerful pendulum of sound, from absolute strength to soft sweetness. ‘The Hive’ is a triumph.” -Listener review