Back in December I tracked piano and vocals for my forthcoming EP. For a variety of reasons, I will not be using those tracks. The setbacks over the last few months have been incredibly painful, but as a friend reminded me today, the obstacles will ultimately lead to a more personally satisfying experience making the record and will contribute to a more wholly representative piece of work.


It’s been just over a year since the release of my last EP, Moments of Mercy, in December 2014. It was a quiet release; I didn’t do a crowdfunding campaign, I didn’t have a release show, and I didn’t make any CDs to try and sell. I’ve hardly touched my piano since tracking. I’ve never played the songs live; I’ve hardly wanted to. Performing is something I only occasionally yearn to do. But when I go for a prolonged period of time without playing the piano, without singing and writing and creating new music and sharing it with you, that’s when I feel I’m not fulfilling my calling. This is a painful place to reach; but so far, it seems this pain is my most persuasive motivator. I have reached that pivotal place. And thus, it’s time to make new music! (more…)

As I prepare to release my new record, I’ve been reflecting on my 2011 debut album, The Hive. That record was the culmination of a decade of songwriting. It took that long to record and release those songs because fear and self-doubt had been hindering me until I finally rose up and resolved to get the music out. (more…)

When I listen to music, music that really moves me, I connect with and feel my life, my emotions, my experiences. When I listen to music, when I write music, when I play music, I feel. Emotions do not always feel safe. They can be intense, sometimes overwhelming. They are often unpleasant and frightening. I’ve gone to great lengths to escape them, but they are a part of me. No matter what I’ve tried, I have not been successful in escaping my experiences and the emotions that accompany them. (more…)