Back in December I tracked piano and vocals for my forthcoming EP. For a variety of reasons, I will not be using those tracks. The setbacks over the last few months have been incredibly painful, but as a friend reminded me today, the obstacles will ultimately lead to a more personally satisfying experience making the record and will contribute to a more wholly representative piece of work. I’m even considering writing more songs surrounding the theme of the EP and perhaps turning the project into a full-length album.


All four songs for my forthcoming EP are now written! My producer Roy Silverstein of Rarefied Recording has been instrumental (music pun!) in the development of these songs by providing thoughtful feedback and supportive affirmation throughout the writing process. I am deeply grateful to him and can’t wait to get in the studio with him next month!


Here’s the thing about live performance – it’s rarely perfect. That’s what my YouTube videos are; they are live performances, filmed in one shot all the way through from start to finish. When I make these videos, I spend an entire day, sometimes two, performing the song over and over again, sometimes fifteen to twenty times. Then, I watch the takes. I watch, I cringe, I smile, I laugh, I cry. I choose the take that resonates with me most, and I publish it. It’s not always the take with the “best” vocal that resonates with me most; and because these are live performances, and I’m not editing together clips of several separate performances to get a perfect package, the final “product” I share on YouTube is not perfect. (more…)

It’s been just over a year since the release of my last EP, Moments of Mercy, in December 2014. It was a quiet release; I didn’t do a crowdfunding campaign, I didn’t have a release show, and I didn’t make any CDs to try and sell. I’ve hardly touched my piano since tracking. I’ve never played the songs live; I’ve hardly wanted to. Performing is something I only occasionally yearn to do. But when I go for a prolonged period of time without playing the piano, without singing and writing and creating new music and then sharing it with you, that’s when I feel I’m not fulfilling my calling. This is a painful place to reach; but so far, it seems this pain is my most persuasive motivator. I have reached that pivotal place. And thus, it’s time to make new music! (more…)

Today I did something truly exciting! As I prepared to fold the laundry, I decided with the giddiness of a child in a playground full of puppies to put on an album I know I can sing, and I sang my spirit out to that album as I organized piles of folded shirts and socks and shorts and undies there on my bed to be put away. This half hour of singing today brought me to this place of wanting to share, needing to write down what this experience really is for me. (more…)

As I prepare to release my new record, I’ve been reflecting on my 2011 debut album, The Hive. That record was the culmination of a decade of songwriting. It took that long to record and release those songs because fear and self-doubt had been hindering me until I finally rose up and resolved to get the music out. (more…)

When I listen to music, music that really moves me, I connect with and feel my life, my emotions, my experiences. When I listen to music, when I write music, when I play music, I feel. Emotions do not always feel safe. They can be intense, sometimes overwhelming. They are often unpleasant and frightening. I’ve gone to great lengths to escape them, but they are a part of me. No matter what I’ve tried, I have not been successful in escaping my experiences and the emotions that accompany them. (more…)