Hello, and thank you

Sometimes I find it difficult to remember reasons I should continue to create. Beyond the personal need – the obsession, compulsion, the calling – I struggle to find meaning and purpose in the endeavor of making music.

But every now and then, I receive messages from you; sometimes you tweet them to me, sometimes you reach out on Instagram, sometimes via email. You tell me how one of my songs has touched your heart. You explain how something I’ve shared about my experience as an artist or more generally as a human being has given you strength and courage, made you feel less alone, less crazy. When I receive these messages from you, I feel restored; I remember a reason compelling enough for me to carry on. When you reach out to me in this way, you give meaning to the madness, the isolation, the work; you make it worthwhile; you give the obsession and the endless pursuit a sense of purpose. Thank you for taking the time to say something to me, to connect with me. It means so much.

I am behind my intended schedule with respect to my YouTube video this month. I undertook to learn Andra Day’s “Rise Up,” a gorgeous, soulful song that has proved more vocally challenging than I anticipated. I’m going to take another couple of weeks to work on it, and then I will make the video. I am committed.

New original material is also in the works. I’m writing four new songs for the EP I will be recording in December at Rarefied Recording in San Diego with producer and audio engineer Roy Silverstein. We’ve been collaborating via email, and with his generous, invaluable feedback I feel the first song is more or less “complete.” I’ve started writing the second song now. I’m stretching myself, studying the craft of songwriting and digging into my heart and my voice like never before. It feels good and pure and right.

Stay tuned for “Rise Up” on YouTube. And as always, please feel welcomed to drop me a line anytime.