April 16, 2010 – My first gig

The gig on April 16th was the first show that was exclusively mine; it wasn’t an open mic or a set during happy hour where I might get an occasional glance from people whose primary purpose for being there is to drink cheap beer and eat panini. This was my gig.

I am the only one who promoted it. The venue I played is exclusively a performance venue with a great sound system and rows of chairs directly facing the stage. The only thing they sell for consumption is music. The place was nearly packed, and everyone in that room gathered together and paid money for the sole purpose of seeing me play my songs. I mean, holy friggin’ OMG! I can hardly believe it.

You opened your hearts to me. You looked at me as I played. You gave me your energy. I felt your love. You even put money in the tip jar! Incredible. For ten years I wrote songs and played my piano but was too paralyzed with fear to let anyone see those parts of me or hear my musical voice. I finally got the courage and the will, and now, less than one year after releasing my debut demo and slowly starting to play live, I am completely amazed at the unfolding of my life; I am in total awe of this progressive manifestation of my heart’s deepest desires.

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up. Can’t wait to see you again soon!